Specialising in Individual & Relationship Issues

Due to COVID-19, I am now working by Phone, Skype, or Zoom. My fees are currently negotiable to help cost.

Depression     Anxiety      Relationship Issues     Grief     Loss     Self-esteem

Queenstown Counselling



NOTE: I am no longer accepting any new clients prior to the end of 2020 due to a full caseload.

NOTE: There will be an increase to my fees in January 2021 to reflect on my experience and expertise.

Whether you are trying to rebuild yourself, your relationship or rediscover who you are within that relationship -  individual therapy or couple therapy will help you towards achieving a positive outcome

Relationship problems are among the most stressful and painful experiences you will ever live through
If it's hard to see a way forward, to find a solution, or you're feeling hopeless or stuck - counselling can help. Talking to a trained and non-judgemental Counsellor can help you change or move forward with whatever issue it is that's affecting your life..


Sarah Deering

Counselling Provider 

I will provide clear and concise strategies for communicating effectively with your partner and assisting each of you to understand the other and your individual needs in the relationship.

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