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Sarah Deering

"Little by little, a little becomes a lot" - Tanzanian Proverb

Whether you are trying to rebuild yourself, your relationship or rediscover who you are within that relationship -  individual therapy or couple therapy will help you towards achieving a positive outcome

Relationship problems are among the most stressful and painful experiences you will ever live through. I am a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist - trained in assisting to reduce conflict and/or resentment and to help build understanding between you and a deeper connection in your relationship.
If it's hard to see a way forward, to find a solution, or you're feeling hopeless or stuck - counselling can help. 

Talking to a trained and non-judgemental Counsellor can help you change or move forward with whatever issue it is that's affecting your life..


Sarah Deering

Counselling Provider of:

Relationship Counselling - I will provide clear and concise strategies for communicating effectively with your partner and assisting each of you to understand the other and your individual needs in the relationship. I will help you both to feel heard.

Individual Counselling - exploring hurt/anger/pain/anxiety and finding a new way forward. I will assist you to feel empowered.

Family Therapy - for all types of relationships such as parent/child, siblings, single parent families, blended families. Any relationship that needs assistance to learn new ways of understanding each other, meeting each other's needs and reducing conflict.

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"We arrived at Sarah's office ready to seperate - we were unable to stop fighting and thought there was no hope. Sarah provided supportive and constructive counselling. Her methods are engaging and fun. We are delighted to say we have now reached a place where we are happily married and understand how to stay that way. We highly recommend Sarah's Marriage counselling!"

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